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MemberAffiliationEmailWebsiteCASTAC-NetResearch Interests
Pablo Aguilera Del CastilloPhD Candidate
University of Pennsylvania, Department of Anthropology
Asli AkkayaTeaching Associate Professor
Florida International University
Email Website
Warwick Anderson Email
Julie ArminAssistant Professor
University of Arizona
Email Website
Matt ArtzFounder
Azimuth Labs & Anthro to UX
Email WebsiteBiotech, Business Anthropology, Cyborg Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Ethnography of science and technology, Genetics, Medical anthropology, posthumanism, Public health, Quantification, Science & Technology Studies, Science and technology, Software, Transhumanism
Nandita BadamiGraduate Student
University of California, Irvine
Email Website
Ritwik BanerjiAssistant Professor
Iowa State University
Email WebsiteAlgorithms, Creativity, Digital Ethnography, Human-machine interaction, Listening, Performance
Matt BarlowPhD candidate
University of Adelaide
Email WebsiteAnthropology of water, Decolonization, Discard Studies, Energy, Environments, Ethnography of science and technology, Feminism, Infrastructure, Multimodality, Multispecies Ethnography, South Asia
Matt BeaneAssistant Professor
UC Santa Barbara
WebsiteDeviance, Machine intelligence, Robotics, Work
Samantha BreslinAssistant Professor
University of Copenhagen
Email WebsiteComputers, Digital Anthropology, Expertise, Gender, Neoliberalism, Transnationalism
Emily BrooksAAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow
National Park Service: Climate Change Response Program/Cultural Resources
Email WebsiteClimate Change, Disaster, Environments, Government, policy, Risk and Hazard, Science & Technology Studies, United States, Water
Evan BrownRecent Graduate
Joanne Byrne
University of Melbourne
Jacob CampbellEnvironmental Anthropologist
The Field Museum
Email Energy, Environments, Intersectionality, Urban Design
Baird CampbellPostdoctoral Teaching Fellow
Rice University
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Digital Anthropology, Gender, Gender and sexuality, Intersectionality, Latin America, Media Anthropology, Queer Studies, Science & Technology Studies, Social Media, Social Movements, Subjectivity, Web Technologies
Rebecca Carlson
Toyo University
CASTAC-Net Member
Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Biology, Ethnography of science and technology, Genetics, global health, Lab Ethnography, Media Anthropology, Medical anthropology
Nick CaverlyAssistant Professor
University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA)
CASTAC-Net Member
carcerality, Critical race theory, Feminist STS, Infrastructure, racial capitalism, United States, Urban ethnography
Xan ChackoPostdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Queensland
WebsiteBiodiversity, Data, Economization, Gender, Intellectual Property, Postcolonial technoscience
Ho Chun-Yi
Email Website
Rebekah CiribassiPhD candidate
Cornell University
Email Website
Evan ConawayGraduate Student
University of California, Irvine
Email WebsiteDigital Anthropology, Infrastructure, Intellectual Property, Materials and Materiality, Memory, Place-making, Video games, Virtual worlds
Rebekah Cupitt
Ashley Thuthao Keng DamLecturer in Global Health
Maastricht University
WebsiteCambodia, Digital Ethnography, Digital Fieldwork, Digital Food, Digital Health, Food, Gastronomy, Medical anthropology, Social Media, Traditional Medicine
Ana Carolina de Assis NunesPhD student
Oregon State University
CASTAC-Net Member
Giulia De Togni, Ph.D.Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Biomedicine, Self, and Society | Usher Institute | Edinburgh Medical School (Scotland, U.K.)
Email AI and robotic technologies in health and social care, Anthropology of disasters and polluted environments, Elderly care and independent living in Japan, Ethnography and qualitative research methods, gender - power and resistance studies, Human rights and humanitarian assistance, Risk theory - neoliberalism - biopolitics, Robot-ethics and emotional intelligence, Socio-cultural / legal / linguistic and medical anthropology
Richard Karl DeangPhD student
University of Virginia
Email Data science, Epidemiology, HIV/AIDS, Medical anthropology, Public health, Queer Studies, Southeast Asia
Tania DoCarmoPhD Candidate
University of California Irvine
WebsiteHumanitarianism, Law, Migration, Refugees, United Nations
Briohny Doyle Email
Caitlyn DyeDoctoral Candidate
University of Illinois at Chicago
Richard Fadok Email
Bilge FiratAssistant Professor
The University of Texas at El Paso, Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Email Website
Adam FleischmannPhD candidate
McGill University
Email Website
Andrea FordSenior Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Digital Health, Environments, Gender, hormones, Medical anthropology, Reproduction, toxicity
Taylor GenovesePh.D. Candidate
Arizona State University
Email WebsiteAnthropology of Outer Space, Critical Secular Studies, Decolonization, Ethnographic Theory, Experimental Ethnography, Futures, Memory, Multimodality, Neoliberalism, Performance, Political Theory, Proletkult, Russian Cosmism, Science & Technology Studies, Social Imaginaries, Social Movements, Utopia(s), Visual anthropology
Quinn GeorgicGraduate Student
Rice University
Biodiversity, Conservation, Feminist STS, Multispecies Ethnography, Postcolonial technoscience
Liliana Gil
The New School
CASTAC-Net Member
Electronics, Expertise, Improvisation, Innovation, Labor, Latin America, Postcolonial technoscience
Steven Gonzalez Email Website
Alex HaagaardFounding Member
The Disabled List
Amelia Hassoun Email
Nell HaynesFaculty Fellow
Colby College
Email Website
Mennatullah HendawyPost doc research Associate
UMass Amherst
Email Website
Lisa Hoffman
Andrew IliadisAssistant Professor
Temple University
Email Website
Rebecca JablonskyPhD Candidate
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
WebsiteAlgorithms, Anthropology of Knowledges, Attention, Computational culture, Computers, Design Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Ethnography of science and technology, Human-machine interaction, Machine intelligence, Medical anthropology, Neoliberalism, Neuroscience, Robotics, Science & Technology Studies, Social Movements, Software, Subjectivity, Temporality, Work
NursyazwaniPhD student
University of Pennsylvania
Email Website
Nirupama JayaramanGraduate Student/Teaching Assistant
University of Illinois at Chicago
culture, Digital Anthropology, Gender and sexuality, Infrastructure, Place-making, Political Anthropology, Science & Technology Studies, Socio-cultural, South Asia, Urban ethnography
Audrey Joachim
University of Southern California
CASTAC-Net Member
AI, Applied Anthropology, Communications, cultural anthropology, Language
Alix JohnsonAssistant Professor
University of Florida
Email Website
Kyle JonesUser Experience Architect
Yakup Deniz Kahraman
Binghamton University
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Applied Anthropology, cultural anthropology, culture, education, Ethnographic Theory, Ethnography of science and technology, experiential learning, Expertise, higher education, Lab Ethnography, Language, learning and teaching, Neoliberalism, Neuroscience, Skill, undergraduate education
Spencer KaplanPhD Student
Yale University
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
AI, Algorithms, Ethics, Finance, Media Anthropology, Robotics, Science & Technology Studies
Ziya KayaPhD candidate
School of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Email Agriculture, Biotech, Critical Algorithms Studies, Critical Data Studies, Economization, Finance, Infrastructure, Middle East, Multispecies Ethnography, Political ecology, Science & Technology Studies
Shreeharsh KelkarLecturer
University of California, Berkeley
Email WebsiteExpertise, Software
Ali KennerAssistant Professor
Department of Politics and Center for Science, Technology, and Society, Drexel University
Email WebsiteDesign Anthropology, Environments, Ethnographic Theory, Information/Data Governance, Materials and Materiality, Science & Technology Studies, Sense
Jordan KraemerAdjunct professor
NYU Tandon
Email WebsiteDesign Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Feminism, Media Anthropology, Transnationalism, Urban ethnography
Milena KremakovaResearcher
Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Email WebsiteComputers, Digital Anthropology, Ethnographic Theory, Materials and Materiality, Mathematics, Neoliberalism, Open Science, Science & Technology Studies, Science as play, Science as work, Transnationalism
Nishanth Kunnukattil Shaji
Amy KuritzkyPhD student
University of Michigan
Jaime Landinez
Patricia G. LangeAssociate Professor
California College of the Arts
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
civic engagement, Digital Anthropology, Media Anthropology, posthumanism, Science & Technology Studies, YouTube
Christoph LangePostdoctoral Research assistant
Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Cologne
Email WebsiteEthnographic Theory, Media Anthropology, Multispecies Ethnography, Postcolonial technoscience, Science & Technology Studies
María Fernanda Lartigue Marín
University of Cambridge
Email WebsiteBiotech, Ethnography of science and technology, Extraction, Feminist STS, Gender, Labor, Latin America, Media Anthropology, Neoliberalism, Political Anthropology, Political ecology, political economy
Jessica Lauren BrayPhD candidate
Rice University
CASTAC-Net Member
Applied Anthropology, carcerality, Critical race theory, Ethnographic Theory, Feminist STS, Medical anthropology, Urban ethnography, UX Research
Rena LedermanProfessor of Anthropology
Princeton University
Email WebsiteAnthropology of Knowledges, Audit, Disciplinarity, Ethics, Exchange, Expertise, Gender, Regulatory bureaucracies, Science & Technology Studies
Annette Leibing
University of Montreal
Samuel LengenResearch Associate
University of Virginia
WebsiteAlgorithms, China, Data, Data science, Digital Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, Gender, policy
Zihao Lindoctoral student
University of Chicago
Ian LowrieDeveloper Experience Researcher
Ian LowrieVisiting Assistant Professor
Portland State University
Email WebsiteComputers, Data, Infrastructure, Neuroscience
Joyce LuMD/PhD student
Rutgers University
Aleem MahabirMPhil Candidate, Graduate Student
Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
Savannah MandelPhD Candidate
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Email WebsiteAnthropology of Outer Space, Ethics, Ethnography of science and technology, Futures, Human-machine interaction, Planetary & Deep Space Analogs, Science & Technology Studies, Science as play, Science as work, Social Imaginaries, United States, Video games, Virtual worlds
Meg MartinPhD Candidate
University of California, San Francisco
Email Affect Theory, Algorithms, Classification, Collective Agency, culture, Data, Ethics, Ethnography of science and technology, Feminism, Futures, Gender, Government, governmentality, Infrastructure, Innovation, Machine intelligence, Policy Studies, Public health, Quantification, Regulation, Science & Technology Studies, Work
Ben McMahanResearch, Outreach, and Assessment Specialist
Climate Assessment for the Southwest
Email WebsiteDisaster, Energy, Environments, Infrastructure, Risk and Hazard, Science & Technology Studies
Laura MeekAssistant Professor
Department of Community, Culture, and Global Studies | University of British Columbia, Okanagan | Syilx Okanagan Nation Territory
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Africa, Black studies, bodily epistemologies, counterfeits, critical public health, cultural anthropology, Decolonization, disease elimination, ethnography, Feminist STS, fugitivity, global health, Hong Kong, leprosy, Medical anthropology, Ontology, pharmaceuticals, Postcolonial technoscience, sensoriums, Storytelling, Tanzania, Temporality, Traditional Medicine
Lisa Messeriprofessor
Yale University
Sriram MohanPhD student
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Email Websitegovernmentality, Infrastructure, Media Anthropology, Science & Technology Studies, Social Imaginaries
Laura MurrayPhD Candidate
New York University
WebsiteAgriculture, Biotech, Ethnography of science and technology, Gender, India, Multispecies Ethnography, Political Anthropology, Sense, Visual anthropology
Regev NathansohnLecturer
Sapir College
David NemerAssociate Professor
University of Virginia
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Computers, Ethnographic Theory, Ethnography of science and technology, Human-machine interaction, Media Anthropology, Science & Technology Studies
Lucas NishidaPhD candidate
University of Campinas, Brazil
Diana OjedaAssociate Professor, Cider, Universidad de los Andes
Stephen PaffQuantitative UX Researcher
CASTAC-Net Member
AI, Algorithms, Applied Anthropology, Artificial intelligence, Blogging, Business Anthropology, Computational culture, Computers, Critical Algorithms Studies, Critical Data Studies, Data, Data science, Design Anthropology, Information/Data Governance, Innovation, Interdisciplinarity Software Engineering, Machine intelligence, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Multidisciplinarity, Practicing Anthropology, Quantification, Quantitative Analysis, Science & Technology Studies, Science and technology, Software, Statistics, User Research, UX, UX Research, Web Technologies
Richard Page Email WebsiteChina, Ethics, Video games, Virtual worlds
Bryce PeakeAssistant Professor of Media & Communication Studies
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Email WebsiteDecolonization, Design Anthropology, Gender, Intersectionality, Listening, Media Anthropology
Lina Pinto García Email Website
Tim QuinnPhD Candidate
Rice University
Email WebsiteDrugs, HIV/AIDS, Queer Studies, Southeast Asia
Elizabeth ReddyAssistant Professor of Engineering, Design, & Society
Colorado School of Mines
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Digital Anthropology, Earthquakes, Environments, Expertise, Materials and Materiality, Mexico, Risk and Hazard, Science & Technology Studies, Sense
Luísa Reis-CastroPhd Candidate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Alice RiddellPhD candidate
University College London
Elizabeth RodwellAssistant Professor
University of Houston
CASTAC-Net Member
Affect Theory, Business Anthropology, civic engagement, Conversation Design, Japan, Robot-ethics and emotional intelligence, Television, UX
Abi RoperSpeech and Language Therapist | Technologist, Post-doctoral Research Fellow
City, University of London
Email WebsiteAccessibility, Aphasia, Language, Web Technologies
Dr. Cesar Rommel SalasDoctor in Business Administration / Management Information System
UAGM Business School (AACSB Accredited)
Email WebsiteComputers, Data, Digital Anthropology, Ethnographic Theory, Information/Data Governance, Infrastructure, Open Science, Science & Technology Studies, Virtual worlds
Todd SandersAssociate Professor
Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto
Email WebsiteAnthropology of Ignorance, Anthropology of Knowledges, Audit, Disciplinarity, Evidentiary regimes, Expertise, Regulatory bureaucracies
Naomi Schoenfeld
San Francisco Department of Public Health
Email WebsiteBiotech, cancer, critical public health, Cuba, Medical anthropology, pharmaceuticals, Postsocialism, vaccines
E Schuberg Barnes Email
Tim SchützPhD Researcher
University of California, Irvine
Scott W Schwartz
City University of New York
Email WebsiteMaterial Culture, Measurement, Quantification, Vulnerability
Nick SeaverAssistant Professor
Tufts University
Email WebsiteAttention, Classification, Computers, Listening, Science & Technology Studies, Taste
Cydney SeigermanPhD Candidate
University of Georgia
Email Environmental anthropology, Infrastructure, Philosophy of Technology, Theatre, Water
Carolina Severiche Mena Email WebsiteGenetics, global health, Medical anthropology, Medicalization, Public health, Social Determinants of Health
Elana SheverAssociate Professor of Anthropology
Colgate University
Email WebsiteEnergy, Ethnography of science and technology, Gender, geology, Materials and Materiality, Neoliberalism, paleontology, political economy, posthumanism, Science as play, The Americas
Doyeon ShinPhD student
University of Illinois, Chicago
Néstor L. SilvaPhD Candidate
Stanford University
Email Energy, Environments, Government, Hydrocarbons, Political Theory, The Americas
Jessica SmithAssociate Professor
Colorado School of Mines
Gustavo Henrique Soares DenaniPHd Student
University of Ottawa
Aakash SolankiDoctoral scholar
Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto
WebsiteAlgorithms, Anthropology of Knowledges, Audit, Classification, Computational culture, Data, Ethnography of science and technology, Futures, India, Postcolonial technoscience, Science & Technology Studies, Software, South Asia
Srishti SoodPhD Student
George Washington University
Jessica SorensonPhD Research Fellow
University of Southern Denmark
William F Stafford JrPhD Candidate
Dept. of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Serena SteinResearcher
Wageningen University & Research
Email Africa, Agriculture, Anthropology of Knowledges, Climate Change, Decolonization, Digital Anthropology, Ethnographic Theory, Extraction, Gender, Latin America, Multispecies Ethnography, Science & Technology Studies, Transnationalism
Aaron SuPhD Candidate
Princeton University
Email AI, China, Design Anthropology, Environments, Feminist STS, Medical anthropology, Science & Technology Studies, Smart cities, Taiwan, Urban Design
Peter TaberPostdoctoral Fellow in Informatics
Department of Veterans Affairs
Email WebsiteEconomization, Expertise, governmentality, Infrastructure
Madiha TahirPostdoctoral Associate
Yale University
Nicole TaylorAssociate Professor of Anthropology
Texas State University
Email WebsiteDigital Ethnography, Ethics, Ethnography and qualitative research methods, Gender, Performance, Science and technology, Virtual worlds
Alex TaylorResearcher
WebsiteData, Disability, Human-machine interaction, Infrastructure, Science & Technology Studies
Yunus Doğan TellielAssistant Professor of Anthropology and Rhetoric
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Eva Theunissen Email
Eli Thorkelson Email WebsiteAnthropology of Knowledges, Digital Anthropology, Disciplinarity, France, Futures, Neoliberalism, Nostalgia, Social Movements, Subjectivity
Katie UlrichPhD candidate
Rice University
Email Agriculture, Biotech, Energy, Extraction, Feminism, Food, Futures, Lab Ethnography, Waste
Ramsha UsmanPhD Student
University of California, Santa Barbara
Email Accessibility, Care, Disability, Labor, South Asia, Web Design
Joel van de Sande
Columbia University
Angela VandenBroekAssistant Professor of Anthropology
Texas State University
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Business Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Feminist STS, Foresight, Futures, Infrastructure, Innovation, Science & Technology Studies, Sweden, Web Technologies
Bianca Vienni BaptistaSenior Researcher and Lecturer
Transdisciplinarity Lab, ETH Zurich
Chun-Yu (Jo Ann) WangPh.D. Candidate
Stanford University
WebsiteEnergy, Ethnic Politics, Infrastructure, Oil Politics, Petrochemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Political Anthropology, Postcolonial States, Social Movements, Southeast Asia
Deana WeibelProfessor
Grand Valley State University
Joseph WilsonPhD Candidate
University of Toronto
Email Website
Caitlin WylieAssistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society
University of Virginia
Email WebsiteAnthropology of Knowledges, Data science, Engineering, Ethics, Ethnography of science and technology, Material Culture, Science & Technology Studies, Science as work, Socialization
Anna Zhang
Elise Li ZhengPh. D. (Candidate)
Georgia Institute of Technology
Zhou ZhouGraduate Student
Rice University
Naomi ZuckerPhD candidate
University of Pennsylvania
Email Digital Anthropology, Expertise, Medical anthropology, pharmaceuticals, Psychiatry, Science & Technology Studies, United States