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Giulia De Togni, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Biomedicine, Self, and Society | Usher Institute | Edinburgh Medical School (Scotland, U.K.)

Contributor, Platypus, The CASTAC Blog

Research Interests

AI and robotic technologies in health and social care | Anthropology of disasters and polluted environments | Elderly care and independent living in Japan | Ethnography and qualitative research methods | gender - power and resistance studies | Human rights and humanitarian assistance | Risk theory - neoliberalism - biopolitics | Robot-ethics and emotional intelligence | Socio-cultural / legal / linguistic and medical anthropology |

About Giulia

I am an anthropologist specialising in Japanese studies and a researcher in science, technology and society studies (STS). My research focuses on risk, technology, ethics, health, and human rights. I am currently based at the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society (Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh) where I am supporting work on the Wellcome Trust Seed Award “AI and Health: Exploring Affect and Relationality Across Three Sites of Intelligence and Care” (2019-2021). The project, led by Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley, investigates how AI is being used in different ways in health and social care: robotics in surgery, digital methods that help diagnose disease, and the use of socially assistive robotics (SARs) to support those who may be ill or frail at home. While such developments hold the promise of improving health and social care, they also raise social and ethical issues. The aim of my research is to inform policy and help those involved in AI, health and social care to deal with such concerns.