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Quinn Georgic

Graduate Student, Rice University

Contributor, Platypus, The CASTAC Blog

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Biodiversity | Conservation | Feminist STS | Multispecies Ethnography | Postcolonial technoscience |

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Quinn Georgic is a graduate student in the Anthropology department at Rice University. Their research interests are broadly focused on ecological science production, automated sensors, and ethnicity in Madagascar. Furthermore, they are interested in how art installations and non-textocentric forms of ethnography can help think through multispecies relations.



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A Concert in the Rainforest: Sound in Multispecies Ethnography

The four minute clip above was one of many that I recorded during preliminary fieldwork this past summer in the Eastern rainforest corridor of Madagascar. This specific recording occurred during a weekend trip to Analamazaotra with two of my interlocutors- biologists who study in Ranomafana National Park, my primary fieldsite. That morning, we had woken with the crepuscular mist to hike the muddy trails that transected the area. Walking with Jean, from the local guide association, we spent the morning as many tourists would, spotting camouflaged Nightjars nesting on the ground and smiling at brown lemurs that wrestled on Traveler’s Palms. Throughout the walk, we heard the haunting calls of Indris, Madagascar’s largest lemurs and one of its most recognized, due to its song and striking black and white patterning. (more…) (read more...)