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Andrea Ford

Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh

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Environments | Gender | hormones | Medical anthropology | Reproduction | toxicity |

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Andrea Ford is a medical anthropologist and research fellow at the Centre for Biomedicine, Self, and Society at the University of Edinburgh. Her research lies at the intersection of reproductive and environmental justice; following a PhD project at the University of Chicago on childbearing in the California Bay Area, she is starting a new project on endometriosis and endocrine disruption.



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Period Tracking Apps: Something Old, Something New

They’re sleek and colorful, “fun and easy”, full of icons and dials. Period tracking apps, or “menstruapps,” are an increasingly common way a large segment of the population attends to their health and embodied experience of menstruation. In some ways, these apps are part of very recent trends towards the Quantified Self, the datafication of health, and reliance on biometric tracking devices to “optimize” one’s habits. In other ways, they evoke older legacies of feminist health care, notably the Our Bodies, Ourselves movement begun in 1969. Fifty years later, what does it mean to use technology to “understand how your body works”, as Clue advertises, or “take control of your body,” the tagline for Natural Cycles, which are two of the most popular menstruapps? (more…) (read more...)