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María Fernanda Lartigue Marín

Multimodal Contributing Editor, Platypus, The CASTAC Blog

Research Interests

Ethnography of science and technology | Extraction | Feminist STS | Gender | Labor | Latin America | Media Anthropology | Migration | Neoliberalism | Political Anthropology | Political ecology | political economy |

About María Fernanda

I am a social anthropologist from Oaxaca, México, focusing my research and practice on the webs formed by labour, technologies, territories, and development in contemporary Mexico and Central America. I approach these topics through feminist political ecology and political economy perspectives, exploring them in academic research as well as artistic and pedagogical contexts. I coordinate Magma, an independent research-centred press and radio project devoted to climate and economic justice. I also enjoy organising workshops and working with children using tools as radio, photography, video, and cartography.