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Samantha Breslin

Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen

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Computers | Digital Anthropology | Expertise | Gender | Neoliberalism | Transnationalism |

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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Copenhagen and affiliated with the Copenhagen Center for Social Data Science (SODAS). My research centres the production of norms, values, and inequities in in relation to computing and data cultures, particularly in relation to gender and labour. My current research interests focus particularly on value(s) and visions of the future in relation to tech entrepreneurship.



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The Anti-Politics of Women in Tech

Almost daily are news articles about women in tech. Among these on the day I wrote this post, for example, were an article in Marie Claire, the women’s magazine, called “How Much Have Things Really Changed for Women in Technology?” and another in India’s business newspaper Mint titled “Two kinds of pay gap in the IT industry: NetApp’s Mark Bregman.” Both articles touch on several issues about women in tech, and STEM fields more generally; the cornerstone in each, however, is simply the number of women in the tech world—or the lack thereof, compared with men. This is a problem that has been explored since at least the mid-1970s in computer science (e.g., Montanelli Jr. and Mamrak 1976), longer for some other STEM fields. More recently this issue was highlighted last year, particularly in the media and public attention, when large tech companies like Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook released “diversity (read more...)