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Taylor Genovese

Adjunct Assistant Professor, SUNY Dutchess

Adjunct Faculty, Marist College

Research Interests

Anthropology of Outer Space | Critical Secular Studies | Decolonization | Ethnographic Theory | Experimental Ethnography | Futures | Memory | Multimodality | Neoliberalism | Performance | Political Theory | Proletkult | Russian Cosmism | Science & Technology Studies | Social Imaginaries | Social Movements | Utopia(s) | Visual anthropology |

About Taylor

Taylor R. Genovese is a transdisciplinary philosopher, multimodal anthropologist, and filmmaker living in the Hudson Valley, New York. His work mainly focuses on nostalgia, melancholy, applied ethics, the Anthropocene, and utopia(s). He is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Dutchess, as well as adjunct faculty at Marist College. He earned his Ph.D. from Arizona State University in 2023. His dissertation research took a specific look at the legacy of Russian Cosmism, a nineteenth century political theology promoting a universal human program for overcoming death, resurrecting ancestors, and traveling through the cosmos.