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Luísa Reis-Castro

Phd Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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Luísa Reis-Castro is a PhD candidate in MIT’s program in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) examining new technologies for controlling mosquito-borne diseases as a window to discuss science and public/global health policies. Her research focuses on different vector control projects being researched, tested, and implemented in Brazil, which attempt to use the mosquito as a means of controlling the pathogens it is known to transmit.



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The Vector, the Viruses, and the “Healthy World”: Placing Aedes aegypti in Brazil

Mosquito: the “most dangerous animal in the world,” human’s “deadliest predator.” This insect is often described as the most probable target for gene-editing technologies that have the potential to eliminate the unwanted. Mosquitoes are usually presented as the number one enemy of humankind, a globally hated pest: the most killable of all beings. (more…) (read more...)