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Nick CaverlyAssistant Professor
University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA)
CASTAC-Net Member
carcerality, Critical race theory, Feminist STS, Infrastructure, racial capitalism, United States, Urban ethnography
Quinn GeorgicGraduate Student
Rice University
Biodiversity, Conservation, Feminist STS, Multispecies Ethnography, Postcolonial technoscience
Liliana Gil
Email Website
CASTAC-Net Member
Feminist STS, Improvisation, Inequality, Innovation, Labor, Latin America, Postcolonial technoscience, Skill
María Fernanda Lartigue Marín
University of Cambridge
Email WebsiteEthnography of science and technology, Extraction, Feminist STS, Gender, Labor, Latin America, Media Anthropology, Migration, Neoliberalism, Political Anthropology, Political ecology, political economy
Jessica Lauren BrayPhD candidate
Rice University
CASTAC-Net Member
Applied Anthropology, carcerality, Critical race theory, Ethnographic Theory, Feminist STS, Medical anthropology, Urban ethnography, UX Research
Laura MeekAssistant Professor
Department of Community, Culture, and Global Studies | University of British Columbia, Okanagan | Syilx Okanagan Nation Territory
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CASTAC-Net Member
Africa, Black studies, bodily epistemologies, counterfeits, critical public health, cultural anthropology, Decolonization, disease elimination, ethnography, Feminist STS, fugitivity, global health, Hong Kong, leprosy, Medical anthropology, Ontology, pharmaceuticals, Postcolonial technoscience, sensoriums, Storytelling, Tanzania, Temporality, Traditional Medicine
Aaron SuPhD Candidate
Princeton University
Email AI, China, Design Anthropology, Environments, Feminist STS, Medical anthropology, Science & Technology Studies, Smart cities, Taiwan, Urban Design
Angela VandenBroekAssistant Professor of Anthropology
Texas State University
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CASTAC-Net Member
Business Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Feminist STS, Foresight, Futures, Infrastructure, Innovation, Science & Technology Studies, Sweden, Web Technologies