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Hélène Mialet

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Attention | Collective Agency | Computers | Data | Ethnographic Theory | Ethnography of science and technology | Ethnomethodology | Expertise | Gender | Human-machine interaction | Innovation | Materials and Materiality | Science & Technology Studies | Science as work | Sense | Subjectivity |

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I'm a professor at York University (STS department). I'm the author of Hawking Incorporated (University of Chicago Press, 2012) and L'Entreprise Créatrice, (Paris, Hermès, 2008).



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Stephen Hawking, Automation, and Politics

This year has been particularly charged with emotion. The stars that have lit up our Universe for a decade, or a century, have slipped away, one after another: Prince, Bowie, Princess Leia and her Mother. Stephen Hawking, who was doomed to an early death more than 50 years ago, celebrated his 75th birthday this past weekend. One never knows what life puts in our path… Hawking thinks he knows, though, and he is warning us. Hawking, indeed, seems to have become an Oracle, the Faust of the 21st Century. This is how, in 2015, he and Berlioz’s Faust were simultaneously reinvented under the demiurgic hand of the director Alvis Hermanis and the bemused eyes of its Parisian audience at the Opera Bastille in Paris. This was nearly one year ago. What’s next? The one, whose existence and career as a physicist has been made possible thanks to technology, as he (read more...)