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MemberAffiliationEmailWebsiteCASTAC-NetResearch Interests
Matt ArtzFounder
Azimuth Labs & Anthro to UX
Email WebsiteBiotech, Business Anthropology, Cyborg Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Ethnography of science and technology, Genetics, Medical anthropology, posthumanism, Public health, Quantification, Science & Technology Studies, Science and technology, Software, Transhumanism
Ziya KayaPhD candidate
School of Anthropology, University of Arizona
Email Agriculture, Biotech, Critical Algorithms Studies, Critical Data Studies, Economization, Finance, Infrastructure, Middle East, Multispecies Ethnography, Political ecology, Science & Technology Studies
Laura MurrayPhD Candidate
New York University
WebsiteAgriculture, Biotech, Ethnography of science and technology, Gender, India, Multispecies Ethnography, Political Anthropology, Sense, Visual anthropology
Naomi Schoenfeld
San Francisco Department of Public Health
Email WebsiteBiotech, cancer, critical public health, Cuba, Medical anthropology, pharmaceuticals, Postsocialism, vaccines
Katie UlrichPhD candidate
Rice University
Email Agriculture, Biotech, Energy, Extraction, Feminism, Food, Futures, Lab Ethnography, Waste