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MemberAffiliationEmailWebsiteResearch Interests
Liliana GilPh.D. candidate in Anthropology
The New School
WebsiteElectronics, Expertise, Improvisation, Innovation, Labor, Latin America, Postcolonial technoscience
Meg MartinPhD Candidate
University of California, San Francisco
Email Affect Theory, Algorithms, Classification, Collective Agency, culture, Data, Ethics, Ethnography of science and technology, Feminism, Futures, Gender, Government, governmentality, Infrastructure, Innovation, Machine intelligence, Policy Studies, Public health, Quantification, Regulation, Science & Technology Studies, Work
Angela VandenBroekAssistant Professor of Anthropology
Texas State University
Email WebsiteBusiness Anthropology, Design Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Feminist STS, Foresight, Futures, Infrastructure, Innovation, Science & Technology Studies, Sweden, Web Technologies