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Xan Chacko

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Queensland

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Xan is a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, TC Beirne School of Law. She is part of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Project, 'Harnessing Intellectual Property to Build Food Security'. Her work troubles the science of seeds and their long-term preservation through freezing in banks. By studying the differences in the practices of seed banking, Xan sheds light on changes in plant science, the law around the movement and acquisition of living things for science and industry, and technologies of visualisation.




Care of the species: races of corn and the science of plant biodiversity

Xan Sarah Chacko (2018) | Ethnic and Racial Studies 42(8): 1364-1366 |

When life gives you lemons: Frank Meyer, authority, and credit in early twentieth-century plant hunting

Xan Sarah Chacko (2018) | History of Science 56(4): 432-469 |