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Matt Artz

Founder & Principal Researcher, Azimuth Labs

Founder & Career Coach, Anthro to UX

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Matt Artz, is a business anthropologist, entrepreneur, and upcoming TEDx speaker. Having earned a MS in Applied Anthropology from UNT (2018), Matt works as the Head of Product and Experience at Cloudshadow, and is the Founder and of Azimuth Labs and Anthro to UX. As an advocate for the responsible development of technology, his work explores the effects of technology on society. His UNT anthropology research focused on the benefits and risks of consumer DNA testing, which he will be discussing in his March 2020 TEDx Talk. Matt is also co-organizer of the NYC Business Anthropology meetup, and guest host on the This Anthro Life podcast. Outside of work, you can find Matt composing music and photographing the everyday life of people around the world.