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Elana Shever

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Colgate University

Scholar-in-Residence, Institute for Advance Study, University of Minnesota

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Images that Move

Patricia Spyer, Mary Margaret Steedly | SAR Press (2013) | ISBN: 9781938645013

Images That Move is concerned with how images take place in wider worlds: how they move around, via processes of transmission and uptake, but, equally importantly, how they move their audiences affectively. Images play a significant part in projects of "poetic world-making" and political transformation. They participate in the production of commensuration or of incommensurability, enact moments of prophecy or exposure, and attract or repel spectators' attention. Images move, then, but not just as they wish, and any examination of images in motion must also recognise the blockages and breakdowns that prevent their movement as well as the enframings or "stickinesses" that trap them in particular places, prevent them from reaching others, or hedge their arrival in specific ways. The contributors explore topics ranging from high art to mass media, religious iconography to pornography, and popular photography to political cartoons in a range of contexts and media including photography in early twentieth century China, art and literature in contemporary South Africa, upscale real estate development in India, occult media images and the aesthetic of appearance in urban Indonesia, and film censorship in Nigeria. All of these instances of the visual continuum require different ways of highlighting and addressing the problematics of images in motion. Images That Move traces some of the tangled paths of images' travels and returns, unfolding their effects and aftereffects and scanning the diverse and variable publics-fixed or ephemeral, situated or dispersed-that these moving images call into being. Contributors: Ernst van Alphen, Christiane Brosius, Steven C. Caton, Finbarr Barry Flood, Brian Larkin, Oliver Moore, Rosalind C. Morris, Christopher Pinney, Patricia Spyer, Mary Margaret Steedly.


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Engendering the Company:Corporate Personhood and the “Face” of an Oil Company in Metropolitan Buenos Aires

Elana Shever (2010) | PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 33(1): 26-46 |

Neoliberal associations: Property, company, and family in the Argentine oil fields

ELANA SHEVER (2008) | American Ethnologist 35(4): 701-716 |