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Elana Shever

Associate Professor of Anthropology, Colgate University

Scholar-in-Residence, Institute for Advance Study, University of Minnesota

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Vital Relations : Modernity and the Persistent Life of Kinship

Susan McKinnon, Fenella Cannell | SAR Press, School for Advanced Research Press (2013) | ISBN: 9781938645013

For more than 150 years, theories of social evolution, development, and modernity have been unanimous in their assumption that kinship organizes simpler, "traditional," pre-state societies but not complex, "modern," state societies. And these theories have been unanimous in their presupposition that within modern state-based societies kinship has been relegated to the domestic domain, has lost its economic and political functions, has retained no organizing force in modern political and economic structures and processes, and has become secularized and rationalized. Vital Relations challenges these notions. It will be of interest to anyone who wishes to gain a different perspective on the concept of modernity itself, and on the place of kinship and "family" in modern life.


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Engendering the Company:Corporate Personhood and the “Face” of an Oil Company in Metropolitan Buenos Aires

Elana Shever (2010) | PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review 33(1): 26-46 |

Neoliberal associations: Property, company, and family in the Argentine oil fields

ELANA SHEVER (2008) | American Ethnologist 35(4): 701-716 |