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Milena Kremakova

Research visitor, International Reseach Center "Work and Lifecourse in Global History (re:work)", Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Founding co-editor, The Sociological Imagination (

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Milena is a sociologist and social anthropologist of work and the lifecourse. She wants to know (1) how mathematicians are made and what happens to them when they are ready; (2) what it means to work as an academic in a time of precarity, marketisation, metricisation and globalisation of scientific and knowledge labour. PhD sociology: University of Warwick, 2012. Previous research: maritime labour and postsocialism (forthcoming book with Berghahn: 2017). Co-editor of the Sociological Imagination. Website: "Mathematicians against the clock":





Rethinking Work : Global Historical and Sociological Perspectives

Rana Behal, Alice Mah, Babacar Fall | Tulika Books (2011) | ISBN: 9788189487850

This edited volume brings together global interdisciplinary perspectives on work from different regions of the world, including Europe, Africa, and Asia, drawing on both historical and contemporary examples. The contributions address wide-ranging themes such as work and life cycle, work transformation, precarious work, informalization of work, labor migration, labor, conflict and labor relations. The book is timely and innovative in its theoretical, empirical and methodological scope, providing key insights for rethinking work through interrelated global, interdisciplinary, and comparative perspectives.


Too Soft for Economics, Too Rigid for Sociology, or Just Right? The Productive Ambiguities of Sen’s Capability Approach

Milena I. Kremakova (2014) | European Journal of Sociology 54(3): 393-419 |

Book Review: Old Assumptions, New Realities: Economic Security for Working Families in the 21st Century

Milena Kremakova (2011) | The Sociological Review 59(4): 849-853 |