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Milena Kremakova

Researcher, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Research Associate, International Reseach Center "Work and Lifecourse in Global History (re:work)", Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Founding co-editor, The Sociological Imagination (

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About Milena

Milena is a sociologist and social anthropologist of work and the lifecourse. She wants to know (1) how mathematicians are made and what happens to them when they are ready; (2) what it means to work as an academic in a time of precarity, marketisation, metricisation and globalisation of scientific and knowledge labour. PhD sociology: University of Warwick, 2012. Previous research: maritime labour and postsocialism (forthcoming book with Berghahn: 2017). Co-editor of the Sociological Imagination. Website: "Mathematicians against the clock":





To be at Home : House, Work, and Self in the Modern World

James Williams, Felicitas Hentschke | Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG (2018) | ISBN: 3110582767

Chapter: Making Home on the High Seas: Bulgarian Seafarers between Ship and Shore, (pgs. 190-198)

Houses and homes are dynamic spaces within which people work to organize and secure their lives, livelihoods and relationships. Written by a team of renowned historians and anthropologists, and and accompanied by original photography by Maurice Weiss, To Be at Home: House,Work, and Self in the Modern World compares the ways people in different societies and historical periods strive to make and keep houses and homes under conditions of change, upheaval, displacement, impoverishment and violence. These conditions speak to the challenges of life in our modern world. The contributors of this volume position the home as a new nodal point between work, the self and the world to explore people’s creativity, agency and labour. Houses and homes prove complex and powerful concepts – if also often elusive – invoking places, persons, objects, emotions, values, attachments and fantasies. This book demonstrates how the relations between houses, work and the self have transformed dramatically and unpredictably under conditions of capitalism and modernity – and continue to change today.


Navigating Postsocialism: Bulgarian Seafarers’ Working Lives before and after 1989

Milena Kremakova (2019) | Anthropology of Work Review 40(2): 112-121 |

Accelerating Academia: The Changing Structure of Academic Time

Milena Kremakova (2018) | International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 31(2): 221-224 |